Sunday, March 4, 2012

I didn't understand all the buzz about Pinterest until I got on board.  Not a day has gone by since that I haven't  seen something that I either want to try or do try.  Sometimes it works out great, other times, well, not so much.  For Taylor's birthday, I made him a Kit Kat M&Ms cake.  Now that turned out looking really good.

With Easter approaching, when I seen the Easter Egg wreaths, I knew I had to give that a try too.  Not too happy with the way the bow looks but the rest turned out pretty good.  Tony even had to make one.  We'll take his over to Grandma Vi to brighten up her room.
To make this wreath, I used the round cardboard a Winco pizza comes on and cut out a circle in the middle.  Then I attached the eggs with the hot glue gun.  For the grass, we used Tacky glue between the eggs and used a chopstick to push the grass into the glue.  I got the eggs at Hobby Lobby, very inexpensive.
The only question now is "what ever will I make now".  I do have a couple projects in the works and have made some other things from pins that I didn't take pictures of.